8 simple ways to wake up early & enjoy doing it

I have been chasing the goal of getting up early(for a variety of reasons, running regularly being one of them) for quite some time now and have recently been able to do it with “moderate” success.
In case you too have been wanting to wake up early, and have been struggling as well, the below tips should help you achieve that.

  1. Target a time not too ambitious
    For example , if you usually wake up at 8 am, setting a goal to wake up at 5 am is a little too ambitious. Try waking up at 6:30/7 AM. Gradually as you start waking up earlier than previous, shift your goal to more respectable times.
  2. Go to bed early
    Sounds easy but we all know how difficult it is to put to practice. But the chances of you waking up early are very high if you do this pre-step. Target a 7 hour per night’s sleep. One of the ways to achieve this is to not get on the internet after 9 pm. I have been practicing this regularly for around 2 weeks now and have been quite successful in going to bed by 10 pm. I am typing this at 5:15 in the morning.
  3. In the habit forming days, plan something exciting in the morning: a tennis game, a jog with a friend, drive to a place that serves good breakfast, drive to a sunset point, watching a football game. Basically anything that makes you look forward to the morning.
  4. Drink plenty of water
    Basically use your bladder as the no-noise alarm. This works well initially in the habit-forming period.
  5. Have a day a week when you DON’T wake up early. This may be Sunday or any other day when can afford to go to work late.
  6. Use the chit alarm My grandfather used to tell us about the practice of writing the target time you want to wake up at on a chit and keeping it under your pillow. I guess it works on a subconscious level  and it has worked for me on many occasions. It’s best to try this technique out initially with a backup sound alarm also set.
  7. Have a light dinner
    The chances of leaving the bed early significantly increase if you have a light dinner the night before. Eating a heavy meal puts stress on the digestive system causing you to wake up tired(and late).
  8. Don’t give up
    Waking up early is a powerful goal but a relatively tough one. Acknowledge that. A lot of people try waking up early for a few days, get disappointed that they aren’t able to do that and give the goal up. Keep at it. Let the goal win initially. Enjoy its victory. Understand that it’s better to wake up early 3 days out of 20 than 0.
  9. Use some smartly done waking up products/apps
    Clocky is a brand of alarm clock outfitted with wheels, allowing it to hide itself in order to force the owner awake in an attempt to find it. Invented by an Indian MIT student Gauri Nanda, Clocky has won featured articles & awards and is available for purchase. You can buy it here.
    Mobile apps: There are a host of mobile apps that can help you to wake up.
  10. Request your mom
    Requesting your mother to wake you up early is another effective way. She may be waking up a bit later than what you have planned, but if you request, you are surely going to get a call(if you are staying away from your parents) at your target time in the morning! Another great thing about this is the nostalgia that comes with this: you get back to your childhood and school days.

Early mornings are super energetic, experience them awake.