8 practical ways to eat more(and less) during the day and keep your weight in check

1) Don’t skip the breakfast:
You surely must have come across this, and my goal is to make sure you read this one more time. A good breakfast sets the tone for the rest of the day. Eating a nice breakfast bumps up your metabolism and helps you burn calories.

2) Make sure you “respect hunger”:

Hunger is pretty much like your girlfriend. Keep it waiting and you’re inviting trouble. What has helped me to keep my weight in check (although I eat quite a bit) is that I respect the first “knocks” of hunger. Eat a small portion of something not notorious when you feel the first pangs of hunger. A lot of us let the hunger build up and eat a lot later. That’s precisely what you shouldn’t be doing. This needs a bit of planning at the beginning of the day, so that you carry foods with yourself for all the hungry times. Generally carrying 2 to 3 items is good enough for the most of us.

3) Avoid high-carb foods before going to bed: As a good practice, it’s best to avoid high calorie meals after 7/8 PM. The idea is to give your body enough time to burn some stuff before you sleep.

4) Make sure you spend some time doing fruit shopping during the weekend.

We all have some favorite fruits, and except some seasonal ones we get most of the fruits round the year. Fruits will fill up without filling you up with too many calories. Please bear in mind, too much of fruits also is not good.

5) Coffee: Although there are theories and articles on why coffee is bad for you, if you have it in moderation, coffee is good for you.  A cup of coffee also helps in keeping hunger at bay for sometime. Sticking to the low calorie version coffee is better though.

6) Reduce eating outside: The food that you “purchase” and consume from shops generally has more calories than the same food cooked at home. Although it’s not possible for everyone to cook food for themselves frequently, getting into the habit of carrying “some” food prepared at home everyday helps keeps your calorie intake in check. With so many cooking shows coming up on television, getting into cooking is not difficult. The idea is to spend half and hour in the morning to prepare “high performance fuel” for your body for some section of the rest of the day.

7) Eat egg whites with quarter yolk: Boiled egg whites are known to be healthy and protein rich, but the problem is that they taste bland and eating egg whites day after day gets very boring. Chances are high that you will give up on eating them. The smarter option is to eat egg whites with a little bit of yolk(for the taste). That way when you are hungry, you look forward to eating eggs albeit with some extra calories. Which is totally fine!

8) Drink lots of water: Drinking good amount of water throughout the day keeps your system clean and keeps you well hydrated. The only thing to keep in mind is that having water during or immediately after a meal is not good for your digestion. Anything not good for your digestion is definitely a roadblock in your quest to be lighter. I have been struggling to get rid of this habit for some time now, but it’s worth not doing this.