30 things I have realized over the last 30 years

I am older than 30 by the way, just that the heading goes well.

As the new year becomes older gradually, I have caught myself looking back time and again reflecting on experiences, learnings and patterns that have uncovered stuff I didn’t realize well enough.
Listing down what I feel we all might know, but the realization kicks in at different points in our lives.

1) Doing a job that you don’t like is as good as living in jail. It may be worse that actually living in jail.

2) Maturity is overrated. Being responsible isn’t.

3) Honesty is best most of the times. Dishonesty is bad all the times.

4) Talent is totally overrated. Many parents undermine their kids’ skills by talking about talent. Don’t worry about talent.

5) Hard work is wrongly labeled. It can’t be hard all the time. You have got to love it. It has to feel easy most of the time.
I feel many of us sometimes don’t do things because hard work is called “hard”.

6) You can learn a lot from Barack Obama and Steve Jobs. Meryl Streep as well. Watch their videos on YouTube.

7) Humour is amazing. Standup comedy is as good as meditation. Watch a lot of it. Do everything possible to sound humorous. Mindless comedy is good too.

8) Selfishness is essential. A bit of jealousy too. Little bit I guess.

9) Sports is so good that if you aren’t playing everyday, you are dying. Play something everyday. Walking as a sport rocks too.

10) Your mind is always way younger than you. Pamper it.

11) Introverts who submit to the fact lead unhappier lives than those who work on themselves. Being social is awesome.

12) Working on being more likeable is a great thing to do. Loveable is even better, but harder.

13) “Be yourself” is gimmicky and misleading, fails very badly for somethings. Rapists and paedophiles can’t “be themselves”.

14) There is nothing purer than mother’s love on this planet.

15) Being good at “office politics” is not a skill set. But it is a dirty reality that it matters. Politics is here to stay.

16) Smiling is so so important. We should have a subject on smiling in schools. The biggest hack to masking feelings, feeling good, making friends and spreading positivity.

17) Being thick-skinned is so “life-proof”. Another worthy subject in schools.

18) Life isn’t fair. Expecting it to be unfair is foolish too.

19) We grow as a person the most when no one understands us.

20) Running, cardio, weight-lifting etc teach “pain tolerance”. Damn essential in life.

21) Wanting to be wealthy is a great thing. Money solves so many problems. Life becomes so good with lesser problems.

22) Goals make life easy. A goalless life is really boring and difficult.

23) It’s always always wiser to set lofty goals. Dreaming is so good.

24) 20s are for taking risks. 30s too. Actually your entire life if you can manage to.

25) Keeping your spouse/partner happy is super important. We should have a subject on this too in schools. Breakups teach you stuff, but then so does breaking your leg. Do your best to avoid them.

26) Sense of entitlement is one of the most annoying virtues in most settings.

27) Organisations and especially startups succeed when people are ready to work in “whatever it takes” mode. Set goals and go for them.

28) Customers are “not” always right, but you got to deal with them with utmost respect. After all they are “customers”.

29) Exercising/playing and taking care of your body regularly makes us a better person over time. Less angrier, bitter but more competitive and thick-skinned.

30) Common sense is the only God I know of.
Please add more in the comments if you feel like.

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